Emotional Health and Wellbeing

Emotional health and wellbeing is very important in our school. Here's some ways we are aiming to improve awareness and support for mental health in our school:

Feel Good Fridays

We have a new lunchtime drop-in called Feel Good Fridays, where pupils can come and have a chat about anything they are worrying about whilst taking part in relaxing activities such as lego and colouring.

Young Minds

We have a pupil-led committee that meet up to discuss wellbeing and mental health in our school. Pupils are involved in promoting wellbeing around the school and supporting pupils to feel happy.

School Learning Mentor

Miss Garrett is our School Learning Mentor. She runs 1:1 and group sessions for pupils that need a bit of extra support. She also has a bit more time than teachers to listen to concerns that parents may have, if you have any worries then you are welcome to get in contact. 

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