We try and encourage parents to book medical appointments outside of school hours. If you do have to make an appointment for your child during school time, please fill out the information on the form below and return to the school office at least 24 hours before you collect your child from school. You must provide the hospital letter, dental appointment card or Dr’s appointment card along with this form. If you have booked a Dr’s appointment over the telephone, the surgery will be able to provide you with an appointment card when you arrive at the surgery. Please then bring this into school the following day so we can keep it for our records.


Any other circumstances for removing your child early from school must be pre-arranged and authorised by the Head Teacher.


Please click here to download the form needed to get authorised time off from school for your child if you require them to have a medical appointment in school time.


As a school we need permission to be able to administer medicine to your child. Please ensure the medication is clearly labeled with the childs name, and the dosage given with a pharmacists label.

 Please click here to download the form needed for a member of staff to administer a prescribed medicine to your child.


As a school we need to make sure we know what to do for each individual child if they were to need their inhaler. Therefore we ask that you fill out an asthma form with all the necessary information.

Please click here to download an asthma form