Phonics workshop presentation is here

This presentation is shown to new parents when joining the school. 


Spelling Punctuation and Grammar booklet is here

This booklet is for parents to understand the SPaG work which goes on in our school.  It explains all you will need to know to help your children with their learning.

Keywords for Year Two are here

From this page you can download copies of the guided reading booklets.

There are two different booklets - one for Foundation Stage and Key Stage One (Years Reception, 1 & 2) which contain guided reading prompts.  The second booklet is for Key Stage Two (Years 3, 4, 5 & 6) which contain questions for guided reading of fiction.

If you have any queries regarding the prompts and questions contained in these booklets, please do come and talk to your child's class teacher.

Click here for the Foundation Stage and Key Stage One Booklet

Click here for the Key Stage Two Booklet

We have also recently produced an overall guide on how to support your child's reading.  Please click here to open the 'Reading Booklet for Parents.'



Our Approach to Phonics and Spellings

Early years and Key Stage 1

The teaching and learning of phonics at Wansdyke primary school will follow the teaching sequence set out in the Letters and Sounds programme, supported by a variety of resources. High quality phonics sessions will be taught daily in Reception and Keys Stage 1 classes, enhanced by a multisensory teaching approach, aware of different styles, incuding visual, auditory and kinaesthetic. Children are set for phonics sessions according to their ability. In addition to daily phonics sessions, teachers may teach discrete sessions, to further support the development of children’s phonetical understanding and spelling.

Click here for a summary presentation to YR parents regarding Phonics

Click here to link to the Phase 2 Phoneme Flash Cards

Click here to link to the Phase 3 Phoneme Flash Cards

Click here to link to the Phase 5 Phoneme Flash Cards

All sounds - flash cards for phonics challenge

Key Stage 2

In Key Stage 2 spellings are taught in one 30 minute session each week, in differentiated groups following ‘Support for Spelling’ and the Spelling Bank. This is not just about phonetical understanding and spelling patterns as children are also taught explicitly about the structure of words (morphology) to guide their spelling. Children also have the opportunity to complete spelling consolidation wok through differentiated and individualised activities during guided reading sessions.  In addition, some children will work on phonics gaps using the Nessy programme.

Our Reading Schemes

At Wansdyke we use a range of reading schemes.  All of our books are levelled using the Reading Recovery levels, regardless of what reading scheme the books are from.  These levels are linked to the National Curriculum levels relating to the ability to decode. 



 FREE e-books for children from the Oxford University Press

You will need to sign up for this, but there are 250 e-books available for reading on tablets.  The ages range from 3-11 so its definitely worth a look!