Pupil Premium was introduced by the Government in April 2011. This grant is additional to main school funding and is seen by the Government as the best way to help groups of children within the school who require support, particularly children who are eligible for 'Free School Meals'.

At Wansdyke we support all our pupils by providing high quality classroom teaching, supplemented by interventions to support some learners as and when required. The school leadership team and governing body monitor the impact of all spending and interventions, including Pupil Premium.

The Interventions and support which are used, as and when required, include:

  • Reading Recovery – This is an intense daily support programme for young children who are struggling with reading and writing. Children have a lesson every day with a teacher.
  • Maths Tutoring – This year we have appointed a teacher to specifically support individual children in Number. Similar to Reading Recovery, children have an intense programme of daily lessons, over a set period of time, to boost their confidence and understanding in Number.
  • Better Reading Partners – This is invaluable for children who have just finished Reading Recovery or other children whose Reading skills have slipped slightly behind the level expected for their age.
  • Nessy - Nessy is a spelling programme. It is used to support children who have difficulties with establishing spelling patterns and high frequency words. Nessy is also an assessment tool and aids teacher planning while tracking individual’s progress.
  • Marvellous Max – This is a catch-up programme for younger children. Over a set period, short 20-25 minute sessions take place regularly and support children in their understanding of Number and mathematical vocabulary.
  • ELS – ‘Early Literacy Support’ is a programme which supports children’s development of ‘Letters and Sounds’ (Phonics), speaking/listening, reading and writing.
  • Letters and Sounds – At Wansdyke we have a number of Phonics groups designed  to help children with their decoding and encoding of words.
  • Extra-Curricular – A wide variety of clubs are available for all children. Some of these are run by members of staff and others by companies which are ‘bought in’.  A breakfast club is available, starting at 7:50am. We also run camps for children in Years 2, 4 and 6. Please look elsewhere on this site for an up to date list of clubs currently on offer.

Please click the following links to see the impact which Pupil Premium has and overviews of the support provided: