Ofsted commented in 2015 that, ‘Children arriving in the Early Years Foundation Stage have skills below those typical for their age. As a result of good teaching, children make good progress.’

Our results over a number of years have been consistent at the end of Year 1, KS1 and KS2. Pupils at our school attain results (at the expected standard for their age) which are at least in line with and mainly higher than seen on average in Bristol and Nationally, across Reading, Writing and Mathematics.

Ofsted (2015) commented that, ‘The overwhelming majority of parents agree that teaching is good. They are highly supportive of the school. In a typical comment, one parent said, ‘This is a brilliant school; my children are making such good progress in all areas of their learning.’

Children in Y2 and Y6 have been tested under a new system since 2016.  The assessments are a mixture of tests and teacher assessments which make judgements about children’s attainment in Reading, Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar, Writing, Maths and Science. Pupils are assessed against  new expectations as identified in the 2014 National Curriculum. Instead of awarding children a ‘level’ an indication is given as to whether a child is: ‘Working towards’ National expectations, ‘At the expected Standard’ or ‘Working in greater depth within the expected standard’. At the end of KS2, children are given a ‘scaled score’ based on their performance in the national assessment tests. A score of 100 means that a child has reached national expectations and 110 or above indicates that a child is working in greater depth. Scaled scores range from 80 to 120. For more information please follow this link ‘Information for parents’.


Adam Smith

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Whole school results


Whole school results

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